High Fidelity Vacuum Tube Power Amplifiers for Sale

These tube power amplifiers were built from scratch or rebuilt from the bare chassis with all new parts except as described. Parts and labor are guaranteed for 30 days, and any unmodified amplifier will be guaranteed for a year (owner covers parts and shipping). You will get a fully tested and properly functioning amplifier and you get support from me after the sale. All amplifiers include a complete quality tube set. All amplifiers are electrically grounded with a three wire cord and fused.

All amplifiers are tested for flat frequency response, low harmonic and intermodulation distortion, stability, and noise performance. Each amplifier is "ear-tested" for an extended period as well.

I pack very carefully using lots of foam padding. No amplifiers have been damaged in shipment because I don't trust to luck.

Email me: "danielfabricant" at "verizon.net"

Comments about My Amps

From Craig, who owns several of my amps: "The amps were meticulously assembled and sound tremendous. They really produce. Packed full of the traditional lush tube sound with singing highs and warm glassy mids, but with a surprisingly tight low end that one would not expect from a tube amp. They arrived quickly inside bomb-proof packing. Thanks for the fantastic monoblocks."

Another customer remarks: "Please feel free to quote me about excellent build quality and craftsmanship. Truly fine. (I am an aviation Inspector with electrical certs.) I have spent many hours now with this amp. I am even more glad that I bought it. Very fine tone and range. Good sound stage. Thank you"

Another customer: "I just got the chance to unpack the Mark III's. What excellent packing!!! ... I'm pleased with their performance. They are quiet through my La Scalas. That's saying quite a bit."

Available Monoblock Amplifiers

None at present. Inquiries to "danielfabricant" at "verizon.net"

Available Stereo Amplifiers

None at present. Inquiries to "danielfabricant" at "verizon.net"

Sold Amplifiers

Dynaco ST-70, $500

All new parts except chassis and original A470 cloth lead output transformers. VTA low-gain driver board, Triode heavy-duty power transformer, new tubes including NOS GE 12AU7 input, EH EL34 and EH 12AU7 phase splitters. Large 320 microfarad reservoir feeding output tube plates. JJ GZ-34 rectifier for gentle warm-up, protected by SS diodes. Great sound with solid bass.

Low gain means amp is dead silent and rather immune to ground loops but it needs a preamp capable of 2V output. Amp is fully tested with test equipment and the feedback loop is adjusted for low THD, clean square waves, flat frequency response, and stability. Run in for about 80 hours.

Used steel chassis has some marks and pits, and clear Krylon overcoat has some light marks. Brand new stainless bottom plate. Custom cover for VTA driver board for safety. Overall - a well-priced amp for those who value excellent sound and careful construction above perfect cosmetics. ST-70 test data

Really nice pair of Dynaco Mark IIIs

A-431 cloth lead output transformers, new Dynakitparts power transformers, new Dynakitparts 550V filter capacitors, and new C354 chokes. Great sounding VTA 12AT7 driver boards. One amp has EH 6550's, the other EH KT88's. These output tubes look and sound identical to me. These amps produce a clean 55 watts per channel, and the operating voltage is safely below the filter capacitor ratings. Completely tested and run-in.

Test data amp #1
Test data amp #2

Excellent Dynakit ST-70 SOLD VTA all triode driver board, new high-capacity Dynakitparts power transformer, cloth-lead A470 output transformers. Winged C EL34 output tubes.

Very nice Eico HF81 Clone (power amplifier section) SOLD Dual mono construction, EL84 outputs, 14 W per channel, all EICO transformers, 4-8-16 ohm output. Pots are hum balance pots, not volume control.

Beautiful Eico ST70 Clone with Superb Fisher 500C Transformers SOLD 12AX7 input, 6CG7 phase splitters, 7591 outputs, ~25 W per channel. Solid state power supply like Fisher 500C. High gain, will run well without preamp.
Test Data

Gorgeous Harman Kardon Citation V clone! SOLD Clean 38 W per channel. Uses GZ-34 tube rectifier and excellent Heathkit AA-100 output transformers. Walnut end panels. My favorite power amp circuit for moderate powers. Test data

Beautiful pair of Fisher 20A's, EL84 outputs! SOLD

Pair of Radio Craftsman C-400 Clones SOLD All octal tubes with 6J5 input, 6SN7 phase splitter and 6V6 outputs. 12 W per channel.

Pair of Radio Craftsman RC-2s (Hammond Output Transformers) SOLD Rebuilt to updated C400 circuit. All octal tubes with 6J5 input, 6SN7 phase splitter and 6V6 outputs. 12 W per channel. Nice amps!

Pair of Fisher 80AZs SOLD 30W each. 6L6GC outputs. Superb output transformers with full power to 20 Hz!

Dynaco ST35 Clone SOLD

Beautiful Pair of Dynaco Mark IIIs SOLD